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Get your forecast in 3 easy steps

  1. Prepare the data Choose the historical data to be used for your forecast.
  2. Upload your data Load a CSV/Excel file or simply COPY/PASTE from it.  Your data will be securely loaded, and ready for the forecasting process.
  3. Retrieve your forecast In a matter of minutes, SEE-R provides a set of tools to explore the forecasting results.
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Bruno Bonacci

"I've used SEE-R in predictive models for BigData Analytics projects and I was very impressed by the quality of the results and speed of execution."


Andrea Blandino

"We at Gebsoftware use SEE-R to predict the growing trend of our marketing campaigns. We have never used such a kind of tool before. With SEE-R it's easy."


Antonietta Fiorentino

"We've been using SEE-R to complement Earned Value Method to forecast remaining project duration. EVM gives good results to project costs forecasting, but its application to duration forecasting has been limited due to a lack of accuracy. With SEE-R we experienced great quality of results and an amazing ease of use."